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Goodrich Gasket Private Limited established in 1987 is a part of Flosil Group, a conglomerate with expanding interests in Manufacturing, Defense Technology, Oil & Gas, Infrastructure, Education, FMCG, Renewable energy, Investments etc and has been manufacturing all types of Industrial Gaskets for petroleum refineries and other industrial projects with a manufacturing facility of 196,000 sq. ft. of fabrication shop & machine shop in Chennai, India and equipped with state of the art machinery, handling facilities and expert engineers.



Insulation Kits are High-Integrity Flange Gaskets & Seals for Increased Pressure & Critical Service Applications. Flange Insulation Gasket Kits are designed for preventing electrical conductivity between the flanges. The kit consists of one centrally located Insulating Gasket, one full length insulating sleeve per bolt, two insulating washer per bolt and two metal washer per bolt.

They are commonly used as an insulator between dissimilar metal flanges as corrosion protection. These Insulating kits are used to isolate electrically one section of pipes in cathodic protection systems, to prevent the flow of stray current along the pipelines.

Size & Class

Flange insulating Gasket kits are identified by Flange size (NPS), Pressure Class and the appropriate flange standards (ASME B16.5)..


There are three standard Types of insulating sets available to suit raised face, flat face, and ring grooved flanges, as illustrated below.
  • Goodrich Insulation Gaskets for Type "F" Raised Face Flanges has the central gasket designed to be located inside the flange bolt circle and sits fully on the raised face porting of the flange. This type of gaskets will be supplied in all the materials like Phenolic and Glass / Epoxy with Neoprene Rubber coating.
  • Goodrich Insulation Gaskets for Type "E" For Full Face Flanges has the central gasket with its outside diameter as equal to that of flange outside diameter and precision cut bolt holes. This design helps easy alignment of the gaskets during installation. Type "E" gaskets are available in Neoprene faced reinforced Phenolic / Glass Epoxy material or other materials in Table.
  • Goodrich Insulation Gaskets for Type "D" For Ring Grooved Flanges are available in fabric reinforced Phenolic or Glass Epoxy in basic Oval & Octagonal type. This type has the contact faces with oval shape. It provides a high reliability seal. These gaskets comply with ASME B16.20.


    Insulating sleeves & washers - Insulating sleeves manufactured of high density polyethylene, NEMA grade LE phenolic, and Mylar are available in a full range of sizes. Also available are one-piece integral sleeves and washers which are made of Minlon, providing superior compression strength.

    Integral sleeves are available in sizes through 1-1/2". A variety of high temperature sleeves are also stock items. With each insulating washer a 1/8" thick S.A.E. electro-plated steel washer is provided to protect the insulating washer from damage by the nut. Advance flange insulation sets are available in single or double washer kits.

    Flange protector - Advance flange protectors and corrosion inhibitor grease are recommended on all insulated flanges. By encapsulating the flange cavity with the flange protector and injecting our corrosion inhibitor grease, you can rely on your cathodic protection system to provide you with years of trouble free service.

    This system totally eliminates any possibility of foreign material lodging between the faces of your flange or corrosion bridging across and creating a short.


Gaskets      : NEMA grades G3, G7 and G10, Durabla, Durlon, Lydall, JMRD81

Sleeves        : Nomex, NEMA grades G7 and G10, Durabla, Durlon

Washers      : NEMA grades G3, G7 and G10, Durabla, Durlon, Lydall

Other high temperature materials are available upon request. It is recommended that the factory be contacted to discuss technical data on the above referenced products


It has been designed to operate in very critical service applications. The gasket is suitable for use in Full Face, IBC and RTJ flanges. It has universally acclaimed excellent dielectric properties and superior sealing characteristics. The gasket is suitable for all pressure ratings including ASME B16.5, ASME B16.47, API 6B and API 6BX flanges up to 20,000 psi.


It is comprised of PTFE-based spring-energized jacketed radial face seals, seated in a high-modulus composite seal retainer which is permanently bonded to a high-integrity metal core.It is designed to provide a reliable sealing solution for electrical insulation of critical flanges, particularly where phenolic ring gaskets had been failing in RTJ flanges. The gasket was successfully developed and tested by a major oil and gas company prior to initial service approval.Flange insulating gasket kits or insulation kits offered by Goodrich Gasket Pvt Ltd comprises of:

Phenolic laminate/neoprene faced Phenolic laminate gasket [Type E & F only] between the flange sealing faces. Two plated mild steel washers per bolt. [Stainless steel washers available upon request]
Phenolic laminate bolt sleeves. Two insulating washers per bolt.

Use of dissimilar metallic flanges with a conductive gasket material assisted by a suitable electrolyte sets up a galvanic cell, corroding the anodic metal. It is here that the flange insulating kit gasket or insulation kit comes into use protecting pipeline flange corrosion. These insulation kits are also used to electrically isolate flange joints, preventing flow of electrostatic charges along the pipeline.

Phenolic Gasket Properties

Property Value
Maximum axial compressive stress 45700psi [315MPa]
Axial electric strength in oil @ 1900 ℉ 58kV/in [23kV/cm]
Maximum operating temperature 2500 ℉
Minimum operating temperature -760 ℉

Advantages & Benefits

Goodrich Insulation kit offers Superior sealing solution for low-pressure (class 150, 300 and 600) service;Insulation between dissimilar metals to prevent galvanic corrosion, Pressure activated seals providing high confidence sealing.

Goodrich Insulation kits have high strength laminate material resisting failure due to excess compression (i.e., over tightening of bolts). Overlapping Seal grooves eliminate potential leak/weep path in laminate material and provide stronger structural integrity versus opposing seal designs.Reinforced laminate retainer material provides excellent insulation for cathodic protection systems.

Insulating Kits always include high strength double washers and full-length sleeves for maximum assurance.Gasket retainer is sized to the bore and protects Flanges from media-induced corrosion and flow-induced erosion. It also mitigates galvanic corrosion in dissimilar metal flanges.

Spring energized Teflon seal provides radial load and encapsulation in the seal groove eliminates cold flow, making the Goodrich Insulating Kit truly distinguished from all other sealing systems.

Increases the rated working pressure of all standard ANSI and API flanges. Increases flange/bolt external (bending and tension) load bearing capabilities.
Reduces the cost and weight of piping systems by allowing reductions in flange classes. High integrity/maintenance free/pressure-energized sealing protects flanges from media-induced corrosion.
No flange modifications required (RF or RTJ flanges). Protects flanges from corrosion and flow-induced erosion.
Increases flange support with a larger load bearing surface area Increases resistance to seal relaxation caused by thermal/pressure cycling.
Superior gas tight pressure-energized sealing. Maintenance-free/corrosion-resistant seal design.
Low bolt loads required. Easy installation and removal.
Easy installation and make-up. Two insulating washers per bolt.
Zero leakage. Self aligning.

Type Picture Construction / Function Suitability
Goodrich Insulation Gasket for Type F Raised face flanges Utilizes a central gasket which locates within the bolts.
Goodrich Insulation Gasket for Type E Full face flanges Minimizes the ingress of conductive foreign matter between the portions of the flanges outside the raised faces & reduces risk of bridging. Ring grooved, Flat & raised face flanges.
Goodrich Insulation Gaskets for Type D ring grooved flanges. Insulating oval section ring joint will fit into a standard RTJ flange ring groove.

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